While it’s certainly true that vinyl records are enjoying a slow and steady resurgence, the same can’t be said for the old Mom and Pop record stores. Here are 15 sad old stores (and one sad old label headquarters) that have all seen better days. May they rest in peace…


Aron's Records

Just For The Record

wither the music community

Billups Records

used book & record

All the Canadians reading should recognize this Toronto landmark…

Sam The Record Man

This Is What Happened When People Stopped Buying Vinyl Records

Not a record store exactly, but Capricorn Records in Macon, Georgia was once the home of the Allman Brothers Band and the Marshall Tucker Band…

Capricorn Records

Cellar Records

Caroline Records

Do Dah Records

Belmar Record Shop

Yeah, Tower Records isn’t exactly Mom and Pop but even the big boys have felt the pinch…

Tower Records in the Village

hot numbers

And we had to include this one — just a bit eerie, eh?


Got any stories to share of local shops that have gone lights out in your neck of the woods? Don’t let them be forgotten — tell us all about all the great albums you discovered at these fine establishments.


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