With so many quality handmade wares on Etsy it’s not surprising that there is an absolute bargain-bin full of amazingly creative pieces that breathe new life into vinyl records or record sleeves.  While we’d never condone the willful destruction of God’s gift to recorded music, I suppose it would be acceptable to destroy the occasional Sammy Hagar solo album in the name of craftiness.

Here are a few of our favourite finds this month:

Recycled vinyl heart necklace — simple and saucy in super-rare brown vinyl.

iPhone4 case upcycled from record album cover — combines Batman, records and iPhones. Slick!

Swirly Tree Vinyl Record Bowl — vinyl record bowls are done to death but a hand-painting it puts a new, ahem, “spin” on an old standard.

Vinyl Record Bookends — use records to hold up your other records… my brain just exploded a little bit.

Vinyl Record Fortune Cookies — 10/10 for creativity on this one. Confucius say: “If record spins in empty room, does it make a sound?”

Spin the Vinyl Record Cufflinks — black vinyl goes black tie.  I might have to renew my vows just to sport these at the alter.


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