Caught this …um…highly interesting piece by Caryn Ganz at Amplifier. This dude legally changed his name to “Led Zeppelin II”. Awesome or crazy?

Apparently, not only is this legal, but no one can prevent you from doing this unless it affects another person in a negative, offensive, or illegal way – in Missouri at least. Makes me think what I’d rename myself as. Maybe something like “Appetite For Destruction”, or “Skid Row”, “Toys In The Attic”, or “Faith”.

What record would you rename yourself after if afforded the opportunity? Tell us!


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One Response to When A Record Is So Formative – You Change Your Name To It

  1. Steve says:

    Considering that whatever I chose I’d have to live with being addressed by it for the rest of my life… I’d have to go with “Sticky Fingers”.

    As in, “Mr. Fingers, can I call you Sticky? Your dry cleaning is ready.”

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