3d printers are fully in the public realm now.  There isn’t one in every household, but an early adopter can get one of the better “starter” 3d printers for under $2500.  The specific 3d printer in the following story is about $250,000, but nonetheless the product is pretty cool.

Amanda Ghassaei at instructables recently developed a routine using processing to convert mp3 audio data into designs for a 3d printer. They’re playable and the songs recognizable. The records have a sampling rate of about 11kHz and 5 bit resolution.  A typical mp3 is sampled at a rate of 44kHz and 16bits – roughly 2000 times more data, 4 times more frequent per second.

Watch how its done:

3d printed record playing Nirvana, Daft Punk, Pixies and more

If that’s not DIY enough for you, check out Amanda’s laser-cut records on vinyl, acrylic, and wood.


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