If you haven’t heard of Auditorium yet, chances are you’ll be hooked as soon as you do.

There is a ridiculous amount of good music being made and released right now. So much so that it’s difficult to keep up with it all. Tried and true musicians we’ve come to love over many years and promising newcomers make up an impressive list of impending releases. However, when something stands out of the pack as much as Auditorium’s New Song  “My Grandfather Could Make The World Dance” it’s hard NOT to pay attention.  Spencer Berger is the mastermind behind it all. He is not a complete newcomer to the scene. His last album release “Be Brave” back in 2011 got some great buzz. With a music degree from Vassar, and a background in opera performance, Berger’s stellar vocals and impeccable songwriting skills will leave you wanting more.

Take a Listen to “My Grandfather Could Make the World Dance”.  You can thank me later.

We talk with Spencer Berger to find out a little more about Auditorium…

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Q: What is the back story of how Auditorium came to be? What’s the story behind the name?

A: Auditorium started with me alone in my bedroom — and that’s pretty much where it is now, at least when I’m recording. When I play live shows, I perform with a rotating cast of wonderful humans, including my wife and sister. Originally I called the project ‘Field’, which is my mother’s maiden name, but there were a million other acts using that word. So I changed the name to Auditorium, for no special reason other than that I liked the sound of it.

Q: How would you describe your music?

A: Hmmm…the sound of a guy trying to figure a bunch of stuff out that’s way over his head? I’ll go with that.

Q: You have such a distinctly captivating voice and sound. It is very Meatloaf-esque. When did you start singing? And have you been compared to anyone?

A: Thank you! I performed at the Metropolitan Opera from the ages of nine to twelve, so that kind of Meatloaf-ish theatricality definitely crept into my voice at an early age.  I’ve heard some funny comparisons every now and then– everything from Queen to Tool. I used to try to sing in a more typical “rock” voice, but I just couldn’t make it work.

Q: I absolutely love the song my grandfather could make the world dance. It’s such a well put together and stunning song. Tell us more about the inspiration for this song and the meaning behind it.

A: I was thinking a lot about some vivid childhood memories, certain people in my family who permanently altered the way I saw the world around me.

Q: Who are your main musical influences?

A: I don’t know how much they find their way into my work, but I’m a big fan of  “The Four Bs”: Beatles, Beach Boys, Bowie & Beethoven. I’m constantly listening to Guided By Voices, Elliott Smith, T. Rex, and Of Montreal. Buddy Holly’s a big one. Puccini — of all the composers I was exposed to while singing at the Met, Puccini’s the one that left the strongest impression.

Q: When making music what is your favorite part of the process?

A: Listening back to the final mix of a song for the first time.

Q: This song is your first release in 3 years. Is that correct? How has your music changed in this period of time and what do we have to look forward to this coming year from you?

A: I’ve been experimenting with some instruments and sounds I haven’t used on my previous releases — for instance, “My Grandfather Could Make The World Dance” is the first song I’ve ever shared that features percussion. I pinky-swear that I’ll be sharing a lot more music this year.

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