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It’s no secret the Vinyl industry has been dealing with some seriously delays over the past few years and these delays have no intention of letting up anytime soon. Vinyl sales are at a record high and many plants have stopped taking new orders in order to manage their clientele. Now one might think, why can’t you just make new vinyl presses now a days?

Well the answer is simple… It would just be insanely too expensive to make these machines anymore. So, the Vinyl industry relies 100% on these old machines which are being used by the dozen or so plants currently operating in the States.

The good news is that Quality Record Pressings out of Chicago, Illinois just hit the Vinyl Jackpot! After discovering thirteen presses in a Chicago warehouse, Quality Record Pressings double their capacity to become one of America’s largest vinyl factories.




As Analog Planet reports, factory owner Chad Kassem was alerted to a warehouse in Chicago full of old presses last used in the ’90s to produce bootleg 78s for export to India. They were supposed to be renovated back in 2003 for use in a new pressing plant, which due to financial issues never opened. I am sure Chad is somewhere poppin’ some bubbly!

This is great news for the vinyl industry and who knows…maybe there are some more hidden treasures out there waiting to be found!

If you have every wondered what goes into making Vinyl. Check out this cool and super retro video here, that WILL BLOW YOUR MIND:



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