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One of our favourite days of the year is quickly approaching and yesterday made it feel like it was coming a whole lot sooner! Of course I am talking about Record Store Day. Yesterday afternoon in Brooklyn New York, the full list of exclusive vinyl releases were announced at a press conference with a panel that included the Head of Record Store Day Michael Kurtz, comedian Todd Barry and musicians St. Vincent and Kate Pierson of the B-52’s.

In case you’ve never heard of Record Store Day before, I’ll give you a quick rundown. It was created in 2007 by a group of independent record store owners to celebrate the culture of vinyl and to help support all of the indie record stores across the globe (No not Urban Outfitters). So once a year, around the 3rd week of April, a limited amount of special vinyl, CD and cassette releases are made and distributed among these indie stores exclusively for this day. It’s basically Christmas morning for the avid vinyl collector and all around music junky. Folks like myself are willing to wait outside record stores in massive lineups for hours just to get their hands on this exclusive material.

Since there are about 400 different releases on this list we wanted to give you a list of the top 10 releases Standard Vinyl is looking forward to most!

If you would like to check out the full list of releases, here is the link:

1. Artist: Clipse

Album: Lord Willin’

Format: 7×7″ vinyl box set

Number of available copies: 1000

This is the debut album from the duo comprised of Pusha T and No Malice (formerly known as“Malice”) that was originally released in 2002. Songs you will recognize from this classic LP include “Grindin’”, “When the Last Time” and “Cot Damn”. All produced by the legendary Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo)

This box set includes seven 7” white vinyl records that feature 14 tracks. It comes in a plastic slipcase that holds the vinyl in one deluxe package. Each 7” is housed in a mini Star Trak die-cut jacket, replicas of the label’s original 12” sleeves.

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2. The 1975

Album: Sex EP

Format: 12″ Colored Vinyl

First time available on vinyl. 12″ Clear Vinyl in a paper jacket – includes 5 tracks, but the track “Milk” isn’t mentioned on the jacket.

3. Artist: J Dilla

Song: F*ck The Police

Format: 7” Picture Disc

Number of available copies: 2500

This single, which never appeared on any albums put out by the legendary producer/rapper, will be released as a 7” picture disk shaped like a policeman’s badge.

Very cool! This is an extremely rare, out of print vinyl, so this one will be very popular. J Dilla was one of the greatest producers to ever do it and is responsible for some of the biggest hits that came from A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, De La Soul and many many more.

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4. Foo Fighters

Album: Songs From The Laundry Room

Format: 10″ Vinyl

Limited Edition 10″ including two demo versions, a cover and previously unreleased song

5. Artist: Wu-Tang

Album: Protect Ya Nec

Format: 12” Coloured Vinyl

Number of available copies: 3000

This song is what started it all. It is off the critically acclaimed hip-hop classic LP, “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)”. This 1993 debut album from the legendary crew was ranked number 386 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.   It is a 12” pressed on split yellow and black vinyl, with a reproduction of the original cover art and a plastic Get On Down-branded outer sleeve.

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6. George Ezra

Album: Wanted on Voyage

Format: LP Picture Disc

Full length picture disc version of Ezra’s Wanted On Voyage, not available on vinyl in the US

7. Artist: Jurassic 5

Album: Quality Control

Format: 4 LP Wooden Box Set

Number of copies available: 1500

This is the second album from the Los Angeles based hip-hop crew that came out in 2000. One of my favourite tracks from the album includes the song also titled “Quality Control”. This entire album is how hip-hop music is supposed to sound.

This release is a special quadruple-vinyl that comes in a wooden box set. In addition to both vocal and instrumental versions of the album, the box will feature a 24-page book featuring photos, an essay by author Brian Coleman and writing from all six members of J5.

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8.Paul McCartney

Album:The Family Way: Original Soundtrack Recording

Format: 12″ vinyl

This 1967 soundtrack composed by Paul McCartney is one of the most elusive Beatles souvenirs. The original vinyl album has been long out of print, and it is commanding sky-high prices on the collector’s circuit.

9. Artist: Cypress Hill

Songs: The Phuncky Feel One/How I Could Just Kill A Man

Format: 7” vinyl

Number of copies available: 2000

Originally released as a double A-side vinyl in 1991, these two songs from the iconic rap group known as Cypress Hill definitely put them in a league of their own when West coast hip-hop was just starting to take shape. Both songs would eventually be included in the group’s self-titled debut released later that year.

It is black 7” vinyl recreation of the original 12”, featuring the single’s classic artwork on a printed 7” jacket, plus a special matte black 2nd outer sleeve, embossed with the seminal skull design.

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10. Johnny Cash

Album:Koncert v Praze (In Prague–Live)

Format: 12″ colored vinyl

Johnny Cash playing his greatest hits behind the Iron Curtain in 1983. Limited edition heavy weight vinyl release pressed on Soviet Red 180 gram vinyl.


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