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Standard Vinyl is dropping the needle.

Because we believe — no, we know — that records just plain sound better.

In fact, we hold this belief so dear to our wax-loving hearts that we’ve made it our sole duty to help you get your records pressed.

How? We’re a small Canadian company run by musicians that prides itself on pressing and manufacturing vinyl records. Whether it’s 7 inch (45s) or 12 inch (LP) records, standard black or coloured vinyl, jackets, inserts, sleeves, gatefold packages, lacquer mastering, or metal stampers — we’ve got you covered.

But our love goes much deeper than that. We know that this isn’t 1972 — it’s 2015 — so that’s why every order includes free digital downloads so your fans can get their hands on the oh-so-convenient MP3s to accompany their vinyl purchase. And we know that it’s a tough grind getting music to your fans so in the future we’re planning to let you leave a portion of your order with us to make available in our online shoppe. Oh and did we mention that we’ll ship your order to you for free?

Now go check out those prices.