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How do records get pressed? Let us explain...

Step 1

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12 inch or 7 inch? Black vinyl or coloured? Sleeve or gatefold? Take look at our world famous combos for clear and simple pricing.

Step 2

Audio Master & Artwork

You’ve just completed tracking and mixing your recording. You send us your final audio files along with the artwork files for your packaging and labels (properly prepped using our templates of course!).

Step 3

Lacquer Master & Metal Stamper

lacquer master is a soft, waxy version of your record that is in turn is used to create a metal stamper — essentially a mold from which all of your records will be pressed. We master our lacquers to RIAA standards

Step 4

Test Pressings

Using the metal stamper, we press test records and ship them directly to you for your listening pleasure. These are physical proofs for your order. In fact, we don’t press the rest until you give us the thumbs up.

Step 5

Artwork Proofs

We send you digital proofs of your assembled label and packaging artwork to review before we send it to print. It’s the absolute last chance to check everything so inspect carefully!

Step 6 (last one)

Pressing, Printing & Assembling

Once everything’s approved, we’ll have your records pressed, artwork printed, everything assembled, packaged up nicely and shipped directly to you.

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