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Vinyl Pressing

Let’s talk about the records themselves.

Welcome to your combo deal!

Any changes made below may incur an additional cost.

We can do runs as low as 50 records!
Additional cost
Additional cost
For example, a double album would be 2 records
Additional cost
Standard colour: Choose from our selection of in-house colours
Custom colours: Choose colours from the Pantone® Reference Library

How the records will be packaged.

Not sure about the differences between packaging types?
Not sure about the differences between packaging types?
Not sure about the differences between packaging types?
Compact Discs

They're like records, but smaller.

Looking to up your merch game? Add a retail-ready CD to your order. These ship to you separately from your vinyl order. Current turn times are 7-10 business days.
Additional cost
Specialty Items

Give your records some oomph.

The average record jacket you'll find in your local record store will most likely have this water-based coating applied. This is the standard option and the one we recommend to all clients as it's the most eco-friendly coating. You should go with this unless you really know what you're doing.
A matte finish offers a dull, smooth coating that gives colours a softer, muted tone.
A clear coat that's cured using UV light — gives a very shiny finish that can enhance the colours of photos and graphics.
No soup for you!
We'll host your music files for you.
You host your music files yourself.
You are delivering audio that has already been mastered for vinyl
We check over all your audio, make minor adjustments, optimize volume and frequencies for vinyl.
Analogue mastering utilizes some of the industry's finest analogue equipment and encompasses the true artistry of the craft. In addition to our standard mastering service, your mixes will be carefully inspected and shaped for vinyl. Bringing out the best in sonics to enhance the musical and emotional impact of your recordings.
Check this box if you need help putting together your album artwork. We've done custom artwork for many bands — whether you need it designed from scratch or if you have all of the materials and you just need a little help putting it together, we can make it happen.
Extra Goodies

The fun stuff.

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