Do you only press 180 gram weight vinyl records?

Not exactly. The typical weight we use for pressing 12 inch records is 150 grams. As far as we’re concerned this is the best compromise of quality and manufacturing efficiency. Let us explain: 150 grams is considered a “heavy” weight because it’s heavier than a standard 120 gram weight record. All records degrade the more you play them, but a heavier record is more durable and will generally sound better for a longer time. Although some might disagree, we feel that the difference in sound quality between a standard and heavier weight is negligible. To us, it’s all about durability and quality.

If you’re pressing 100 or more 12 inch records then we offer the option of going up to 180 grams. What’s the difference? Well, 180 grams is so much heavier than the standard weight that it’s considered audiophile grade. Most new releases and re-releases you buy in the record stores today are only available in this format. They’re just that much more durable than 150 grams. If you’ve ever held a 180 gram record, you’ll know that it feels like a very high quality product.

Yes, you can find 200+ gram records out there and as you might guess they’re even more durable than 180 gram ones. The problem is that those heavier weights cost more to ship and take longer to manufacture. We feel that having a quicker turnaround on orders is worth the compromise.