What is the difference between jackets and gatefolds?

A standard vinyl record jacket is a single sleeve printed full-colour on the front and back pages. These come with or without a spine edge. The record is first placed in a paper or plastic inner sleeve and then slides into the printed jacket prior to shrink wrapping or poly bagging. This is the most common and cost effective way to package your single record album.

A gatefold jacket opens like a birthday card (or a wallet), and has four printed pages in total (two outside and two inside). The final package is essentially two jackets connected by a spine and as such they can hold 1 record and a printed insert, booklet or poster, or 2 records for a double record album. Gatefold packages offer double the real estate for your artwork so the end result is quite stunning. We also offer a unique package dubbed Gatefold LITE, which is great for single record albums only, wanting that WOW factor but at a more affordable price vs the standard gatefold jackets.